Co-ordination with the state Governments and different Institutes :

  1. Co-ordination with the state Governments : The Directorate to meet the APC/Principal Secretary/ (i) Commissioner/Directors of Agriculture, Joint Director and Assistant Director concerned of the state Government at least once in 15 days for the QPR/UC and other information on the Centrally Sponsored Schemes.
  2. Co-ordination with State Agricultural Universities : The Directorate to meet the Vice Chancellor of SAJs, Director of Research and Nodal Officer of the Schemes concerned of Crops Division, to know the progress report of Breeder seed Production, Frontline Demonstration, Research Projects of NFSM, NMOOP and overall seed production programme.
  3. Co-ordination with ICAR Institutes : Directorate to be in regular touch with ICAR, ATRAIs and other Institutes to know the progress of seed Hubs, Cluster Demonstration and Breeder Seed Production of Pulses and Oilseeds, fronline demonstration and commercial crops.
  4. Co-ordination with KVK: KVKs of ICAR, SAUs and NGOs are involved in Seed Hubs and Clustered Demonstrations. Directorate to be in regular touch with the KVKs to assess the progress of implementation of these schemes
  5. Co-ordination with other officer of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare : There are many offices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare located in the same place but do not meet each other. Find out the location and the offices and telephone numbers and be in regular touch especially with reference to the crops pest-diseases, seeds, mechanisation, marketing etc.
  6. Co-ordination with Consultants : Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Consultants will monitor the Centrally Sponsored Schemes in the states allotted to them and will ensure that there is no overlapping of their visits with the Directorates.
  7. Co-ordination has to be ensure with all the officers ao above mentioned organisations by having the telephone numbers and e-mail ID and addresses of all concerned. A directory may be prepared and kept ready in the Directorate all the time in hard copy as well soft copy.