Monitoring of NFSM, BGREI, NMOOP, CDP and RKVY Schemes-

Centrally Sponsored Schemes to be monitored on regular basis by the Directorate, specifically with regard to implementation, fund release of States and Central share to the implementing agencies, physical and financial progress. The Directorate also visit the districts, meet the district officials and the farmers in the field to assess the implementation of the schemes. (b) Quarterly progress report of Centrally Sponsored Schemes in the prescribed fromat has to be sent to the Crop Division, which is essential for fund release to the State Governments.

Report to submitted by Directorate:

  1. Weekly crop coverage report to be submitted in time
  2. Weekly crop coverage report of the assigned states.
  3. Weekly weather watch report to be submitted in time.
  4. Quarterly progress report of NFSM, NMOOP, BGREI, CDP and RKVY .
  5. Crops situation report of different Stages of crop growth like seedling statge, vegetative growth and before harvesting.
  6. Report of Seed Hubs, Breeder Seed Production and the Cluster Demonstrations.